Legal Consulting

FAB Constriction offers legal assistance in matters concerning real estate as well as in other judicial areas, more specifically:

  • We facilitate the process of investing in Albania for foreign investors by providing legal consulting and advising, and by following the procedures and preparing the necessary documentation for and in all the Albanian state institutions.
  • Assistance in preparing the documentation for registering your property in the National Agency for Cadaster.
  • Compiles the necessary documents for acquiring the ownership title for agricultural lands
  • Conducts the procedures in all the state institutions for acquiring the land’s or building’s ownership title and the ownership certificate.
  • Prepares the necessary paperwork for applying in state auctions and receiving state properties.
  • Follows through with the procedures with the institution of ALUIZNI
  • Follows through with the procedures with the Property Treatment Agency
  • Offers legal consultancy in the matters concerning legacy, testament, ect..
  • Offers legal consultancy in the matters such as: coownership, dividing property, relinquishing or transferring ownership.
  • Offers assistance in compiling contracts, and changing or breaking contracts, even in cases when one of the contracting parties is a public or state institution.
  • Prepares the necessary documentation for the state institutions for: applying and acquiring a building permit; applying to get the strategic investor status; and getting procurements for different projects.

FAB Construction’s legal consulting department offers assistance in all matters concerning property, but we are also willing to enter in negotiations for purchasing properties with an ownership certificate and investing in them.

“We aim to become your trusted advisors in offering assistance and following procedures for acquiring ownership titles”