A little of our company’s history


Engineering your dreams with us!


Fab Construction was founded in 2012 by its Administrator Mr. Shaban Xhabrahimi. The high demand for qualitative as well as functional buildings led to a firm establishment of our company. Fab Construction has been responsible for the architectural and engineering projection as well as the construction of several important buildings in Tirana. Our projects are inspired by the neoclassic architectural style which always stands out over time. Due to our high standards and requirements in selecting our work materials, and professional staff, we have been privileged to be elected in building some of the most important embassies in Albania.


The year 2013 marked the beginning of a new era of construction in Tirana, it was in that year that our company began it journey. In that period FAB Construction began building the first embassies of the new diplomatic area, respectively the Kuwait Embassy and the Hungarian Embassy. It took only six months and 15 days for FAB to finish building and furnishing the Embassies, thus setting a record in construction history.


Following the success of the first two Embassies Fab Construction was approached by other countries which chose to trust us in building their Embassies in Albania. The construction for the Embassies of Austria and Egypt began shortly after delivering the Embassies of Kuwait and Hungary. It took less than a year for the new buildings to be finished and for the work of the Diplomatic missions to start


The New Diplomatic Area in Tirana was finished and with its creation a new standard of construction was established in thedistrict. The street leading to the Embassies was renamed “The Kuwait Street” and Fab Construction’s buildings were considered architectural work of arts.


After having established a prestigious brand name in the construction sector in Albania, FAB Construction began expanding its operations and taking over bigger projects in size and importance. We began our planning for a new project in one of the fastest developing areas in Tirana, the area near TEG shopping center.


With a new architectural project in hand, by the second trimester of the year 2017 we began the construction of the new Diplomatic Complex of the Russian Federation. This project would include the Russian Embassy and Consulate, a residence for the Russian Ambassador and more than a dozen of apartments for the diplomats of the Embassy.


The construction of the new Diplomatic Complex of the Russian Federation continued rapidly throughout 2018. FAB Construction was always distinguished by its carefully selected high quality work materials, and this same practice was implemented in the new complex as well.


In 2019 FAB Construction delivered the now finished Diplomatic Complex to the Embassy of the Russian Federation, in Albania. After less than two intensive years another important architectural design was added to the rapidly changing city of Tirana.


After 2 years of construction in 2021 we delivered the office for the headquarters of the Turkish Military Attaché. From the initial design plans to the final touches, every detail was carefully executed by our team. With sleek design, state-of-the-art technology, and unmatched amenities, this building provides the perfect environment for productivity and collaboration. Every aspect of this space was meticulously crafted to meet the client’s needs.


In 2022 our company worked intensively to renovate and adapt and existing building into an Embassy for the Diplomatic mission of Romania. Our dedicated team transformed this space into a modern masterpiece in less than six months. From revamped exteriors to stylish interiors, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure an exceptional experience for all.