Consulting And Planning

FAB Construction - Construction Company Tirana Albania offer: Consulting & Planning, Architecture & Building, Interior Design, Renovation & Legal Consulting

FAB Construction has the expertise and the resources to help you plan your project and provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

We understand that project success depends on being proactive before construction even begins. During pre-construction consulting, our expert teams of project managers & engineers help clients set realistic target goals related to scope, safety, budget, schedule and quality.  Each client’s requirements are unique and often require the collaboration of many disciplines to design the right approach to ensure a safe and successful project completion.

Our pre-construction services are key to a realistic, well-organized, execution strategy.

These services include:

  • Cost Estimating, Scheduling & Planning Services
  • Constructability & Logistics
  • Safety Planning
  • Gap / Risk Analysis
  • Procurement, Planning & Execution
  • Schedule Development / Management
  • Design Assist Management
  • Value Engineering/Target Value Design
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