Architecture And Building

FAB Construction - Pre-Construction Services Tirana, Evaluation, Architectural Design, Construction Services, Post-Construction and Maintenance

We design all types of projects from residential to commercial to civic buildings to provide the best value solutions for our clients. We take pride on being able to design unique project according to our customers’ needs and bringing that project to life by using innovative systems and high quality materials.
At FAB Construction, we approach each and every construction project in a collaborative, innovative and forward-thinking mindset. We work closely with our subcontracting partners, design partners and clients each and every step of the design and construction process, to ensure that expectations are exceeded and that the project is safely and successfully completed, on-time and within budget.

Stages of architecture – building include:

  • Pre-Construction Evaluation
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction and Maintenance

Everything from the initial design phase to construction is handled by one entity, this makes for one unified flow of work from the initial concept through project completion.

The quality of our work consists in applying scientific innovations in areas such as Insulation, construction, electrical system, aspiration system, heating – cooling system, internal and external infrastructure. All of these elements have a primary role in the functionality of a building. In spite of its usage the benefits of the professionalism of our work are not only manifested in cost but as well as in the living standard.